Seamless Power Flow with our Electromechanical Fanhar Power Relays
Views: 1331  Author: Fanhar Relay  Time: 2021.07.28

Fanhar Power relays open or close a circuit by using an electromagnetic coil for seamless power flow. These cost-efficient relays are manufactured with an armature, spring, and one or several contacts. If the relay is meant to be normally open (NO), when power is applied the electromagnet attracts the armature. It is pulled in the coil’s direction until it reaches a contact, resulting in closing the circuit. Similarly, if the relay is meant to be normally closed (NC), the electromagnetic coil pulls the armature away from the contact, resulting in opening the circuit. Most power relays are monostable (non-latching) relays with a neutral coil system, and only one stable position. These will stay in this non-energize state, without receiving power.
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