What is the function of a relay and what is a relay?
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A relay product is an electrically operated switch that is remotely activated by an electromagnet that pulls a set of contacts to make or break a circuit. Relays are commonly used in radio frequencies, switching signals, high current circuits when using low current circuits, and loads such as resistive, lamp, motor, inductive and capacitive applications. Relays are useful to protect equipment when in-line switches or existing circuits are not capable of handling the required current or when the current peaks.


We are here for the function of relay products, mainly in the following points:

1. Isolation of different load circuits of multi-pole relays

2. Galvanic isolation of main circuit or actuating circuit and load circuit

3. Interface between electronic circuit and power circuit

4. Multiple conversion operations – time delays, signal conditions, etc.

5. Use as an amplifier

6. Single input/multiple output function

7. Isolation of AC and DC circuits


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