How many types of relays are there? Fanhua is classified from 7 aspects
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How many types of relays are there? Fanhua has been classified from 7 aspects, as follows:

1. According to the protective characteristics of relays, there are sealed relays, closed relays, and open relays.
2. According to the working principle or structural characteristics of relays, there are solid state relays, reed relays, polarized relays, etc.
3. According to the load classification of relays, there are micro-power relays, weak-power relays, medium-power relays, etc.
4. According to the physical quantity of the reaction, there are current relays, impedance relays, frequency relays, etc.
5. According to the role of the relay in the protection circuit, it is classified into starting relay, measuring relay, signal relay, etc.
6. According to the external dimensions of the relays, there are miniature relays, ultra-miniature miniature relays, and small miniature relays;
7. According to the action principle of the relay, there are electromagnetic type, induction type, rectifier type, etc.;

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