What are the commonly used relays?
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Whether it is a power relay, a signal relay or a magnetic latching relay, it is the most widely used relay in production and application, because of its low price, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, small size, fast and accurate action, etc., it is widely used. What are the Fanhua relays commonly used by customers? Below we list some of the more commonly used relays:

W15-1 Relays and their advantages
● 20A switching capability
● Provide high sensitive type,coil power is 250mW
● Provide the product meet the standards of IEC60335-1、IEC60730-1、IEC62368-1
● Breakdown voltage(between coil and contacts):5KV
● Creep age distance and Air distance≥15mm
● Products with operating temperature of 105℃ are available
● UL insulation system:Class F
● Environment- friendly product(RoHS compliant)
● Outline Dimensions:(28.8×12.5×15.9)mm
● Main application:Home appliance、Smart home、Industrial Control
FH17 Relays and their advantages
● 16A switching capability
● Standard mounting 32F and outline dimensions
● Provide the product of highly efficient,magnetic circuit for high sensitivity:200mW
● Breakdown voltage (between coil and contacts): 4KV
● Creep age distance and air distance are greater than 6.5mm
● UL insulation system:Class F
● Environment-friendly products (RoHS compliant)
● Outline Dimensions:(18.4×10.2×15.5)mm
● Main application:Home appliance、Smart home
W27LA Relays and their advantages
● 120A switching capability
● It meets the DC load capacity of DC60V and 35A
● Single coil and double coils are all available
● Contact on and off can be controlled by manual control switch
● Provide the contact gap of the product is ≥ 3mm,it meets the
standard of VDE0126 from Europe
● Breakdown voltage (between contact and coil):4KV
● Environment-friendly product (RoHS compliant)
● Outline Dimensions:(58.0×40.0×20.8)mm
● Main application:New energy and PV industry
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